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Soothe infused topicals are the perfect blend of CBD + Essential Oils. Introducing Soothe Facial Care with extra antioxidants and natural SPF ingredients. Soothe Skin Therapy relaxes the mind as well as the body. And our nationally recognized Soothe relief Ice Gel, Lotion and Solid Salve. Vegan. Gluten-free. Natural and organic ingredients. Made in Oregon with CBD from Oregon hemp. Wholesale. Ask about white labeling and starting your own CBD brand.

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  • Facial Cleanser + Facial Creme = $50 (reg. $70)

    Your customers are clamoring for CBD products. Soothe is the ideal choice. Made with quality full-spectrum CBD and our proprietary blend of Essential Oils. Great for all skin types. Extraordinarily high in antioxidants, deeply hydrating. Smooth and silky, natural herbal scent. Made in Oregon using locally sourced Oregon hemp and essential oils. Vegan. Paraben-free, phthalate-free, gluten-free.  

 Press Releases

  • Nothing fights off the damage of time like antioxidants. And nothing is richer in antioxidants than cannabis. That's why CBD is the ideal additive to any facial care routine.

    CBD Revolution of Portland, Oregon, packs the bounty of the Northwest into every bottle of their new Soothe Facial Care and Skin Therapy lines, featuring locally sourced CBD and essential oils.

    "Nothing is higher in natural antioxidants than the cannabis sativa plant," explains Ellyn Ford, CBD Revolution president. But the company doesn't rely solely on CBD. Each original formula also includes a proprietary blend of essential oils selected to enhance the antioxidants in Soothe Facial Care Exfoliant, Facial Creme and Facial Cleanser.

    "Pollution, age, smoking, just living your life is hard on our skin," Ford says. "We've put together a powerful blend of antioxidants that seem to roll back time." The result: skin that is refreshed, deeply moisturized, smooth and supple.

    "We want women to be comfortable in their skin," Ford says. "We like to say we're helping women always put our best faces forward."

    CBD Revolution products are vegan, paraben-free, phthalate-free and gluten-free. Products are handcrafted in small batches from original formulas. Many ingredients are locally sourced, including the CBD from Oregon hemp (cannabis) and Oregon-grown essential oils.

    The CBD has been tested by independent third-party labs to ensure quality, purity and compliance with Oregon hemp laws. The FDA does not evaluate cosmetics; however, the products are produced in compliance with the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetics Act.

    To find our more about CBD Revolution products or the company contact sales@cbdrevolution.com or call 503-285-2997. cbdrevolution.com

  • Eco-friendly and as beautiful as they are functional, the original art glass nail file is paired with a CBD infused nail/cuticle oil and cuticle stick in a fabulous nail care kit being introduced at this show.

    Say good-bye forever to damaging emery boards and hello to the original art-glass nail file that leaves nails smooth. Each nail file is embellished with a dichroic glass art bead on a jewel tone base. Ever-sharp the files are made of etched Czech glass that will keep its finish for years. The files perform equally well on natural and artificial nails.

    Keeping cuticles and nails hydrated helps is an important first step in any manicure. CBD Revolution of Portland, Oregon is introducing their new eco-friendly manicure kit. The cuticle/nail oil features a proprietary blend of precious and essential oils selected for their antioxidants and hydrating propreties.

    The original formula builds on the attributes of the CBD with a selection of oils that moisturize and soften cuticles, leaving nails lusterous. "Our company started years ago when we opened our first art-glass studio to make the nail files," explains Ellyn Ford, president of CBD Revolution. A million or so nail files have been sold throughout the world.

    "Over the years our clients asked about products to enhance fingernail care. We're delighted with this new set. They are a delightful way for us to marry our beautiful glass nail files with the other side of our business: CBD topicals." 

    Indeed, it's a marriage made in heaven. "The kits are the perfect introduction to CBD for salons that are looking for the perfect impulse buy take-away for salons and spas," Ford says.

    CBD Revolution products are made of locally sourced CBD from Oregon hemp and several Oregon-grown essential oils in the proprietary blend of essential oils. Handcrafted, small batches from original formulas are made in Oregon. 

    The FDA does not evaluate cosmetics, like cuticle oil. CBD Revolution topicals are produced in compliance with the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetics Act. CBD ingredients are tested by third-party labs to ensure purity and compliance with Oregon hemp laws.

    To find out more about CBD Revolution or its products, contact sales@cbdrevolution.com, or call 503-285-2997. cbdrevolution.com


  • Soothe Face and Body Care Starter Set
    The best way to introduce Soothe CBD face and body care, and relief topicals to your clients. Small footprint = big profits. Natural and organic ingredients high in antioxidants and SPF combine with CBD from Oregon hemp. Vegan. No THC. Made in Oregon.

  • Soothe is recognized for producing fine, handcrafted CBD topicals for body relief, massage, facial care and skincare. CBD Revolution topicals combine antioxidant-rich essential oils with natural SPF and CBD from Oregon cannabis to create products that protect and rejuvenate the skin, and which provide relief.

    Soothe relief topicals are providing relief from coast to coast. Our new facial care line is designed to protect skin from UV rays and free-radicals, deeply moisturizing, leaving skin smooth, supple and rejuvenated. Ideal for all skin types. Soothe Skin Therapy lotion is an amazingly light yet effective body lotion that quiets the mind as well as the skin. Its anti-itch formula cools and soothes troubled skin. Absorbs rapidly.

    We bring out the best in CBD by matching the terpene profiles to carefully selected essential oils and extracts. Non-greasy. No canna-stench. Amazingly effective.

    CBD Revolution topicals are vegan, gluten-free, paraben-free, phthalate-free. and several are soy-free.

    To get started with CBD Revolution topicals, ask about our wholesale starter set--small footprint=big profits. White labeling also available.

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